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From his very earliest days Stephen's life has been sphered by the love of music emanating from people who create, produce and record it.

Recent media interviews highlighted that as a child he often slept beneath the KISS pinball machine at Miami Beach's Criteria Studios.

Stephen received his first album liner credit on the album notes for Children Of The World recorded during the first part of 1976.

"For many hours of mischief and magic."

The Bee Gees began their "All For One" tour in May 1989 and as always the family journeyed along. During the Australian leg Stephen was put to work as a guitar tech. A responsible job taking care of his dad's guitars, as part of the road crew.

This was a role Stephen frequently returned to.

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It would be a few years before we would see Stephen on stage. Stephen joined the Bee Gees band for the September 1992 Hurricane Andrew Relief concert in Miami, Florida.

With his dad's emerging arthritis and back pain issues the usual gruelling tour style was not an option, instead there would be a series of single Bee Gee gigs in differing parts of the globe, spaced well apart. They were christened "One Night Only" and the first took place at the MGM Grand, Las Vegas on 14th November 1997 and was recorded and released as a successful DVD.

Stephen was now on stage as part of the band, not only playing songs he had grown up with and most likely heard moulded into masterpieces, but performing alongside his peers and mentors like Alan Kendall and Mat Bonelli.

Shortly after this Stephen was contacted by Nikki Sixx and become part of the -(58)- project.

Stephen's work with -(58)-, Black Label Society, Crowbar and Kingdom Of Sorrow are detailed on their individual pages.

This did not prevent him from collaborating with his dad on a number of writing projects; including Barbara Streisand's album "Guilty Pleasures", a track used in the Burt Reynolds film "Deal", the track "The Heart Knows" used by Olivia Newton-John, as well as a number of demos and unreleased songs.

On 14th February 2009 Stephen returned to the stage with Barry, no longer in the back row but up front to his dad's right, on lead guitar, at the 35th Annual Love & Hope Ball held in Miami, lending guitar and vocal skill to his dad's performance.

This also marked the first public performance of his own composition "Living In the Rain", which he dedicated to his beautiful wife, Gloria. Love & Hope is the charitable arm of the Diabetes Research Institute who Stephen, along with his siblings and wives, are Young Society of Love & Hope Honourees.

Again in 2012 Stephen was once more with Barry performing at the annual ball and a few days later at the Hard Rock Cafe in Miami, which kick started the planning for events to come.

Early 2013 saw Barry take his "Mythology Tour" to Australia and New Zealand, filling to capacity the 15,000/18,000 seater venues resulting in a couple of extra dates being added. Stephen contributed vocals to hits such as "Every Christian Lion Hearted Man" and "Gotta Get A Message To You", as well as his solo performance of "On Time" penned and originally recorded by the late Maurice Gibb.

The next stage of the tour was in September 2013 visiting England and Ireland. After a short break, in May 2014 the Mythology Tour travelled the USA performing at such venues as Well Fargo Center Philadelphia and Hollywood Bowl Los Angeles

It is hoped that there will be an official DVD of the tour released sometime in the future.


In the 2005 Interview for ET Stephen said "It's just an honour to have a dad that's as gifted as he is, and is willing to share that gift with us".

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