Never Heard Of Crossfit?

Crossfit combines weightlifting, sprinting and gymnastics techniques to increase proficiency in the ten fitness domains [cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, agility, balance, coordination and accuracy] by using what some call 'old school' equipment, dumbbells, pull-up bars, kettlebells, etc.

Often billed as no nonsense no frilly facilities, gyms use established and self-created WOD's [Workout of the Day] to test and push the different skill groups. Generally a WOD is made of three parts, a warm up, a skill development segment and a high-intensity workout. Emphasis is also given to the importance of stretching and cool down after sessions and some gyms offer yoga, as well as healthy eating and the importance of food groups,

The editors of PureHealthMD concluded that Crossfit "is a different type of exercise routine ...a well-rounded and very efficient way to achieve a higher level of fitness ...that does not need a whole lot of fancy equipment, but does offer a nice variety to keep the interest level up and provide the challenge needed to keep the exercise fun."

Crossfit North Miami Beach

What started life as a garage activity grew into a business idea. Crossfit NMB first opened its door in June 2009 and swiftly achieved a core of regular trainees before the official opening in October 2009. From when it has gone from strength to strength with innovative introduction sessions and 'bring a friend' try out times; to sessions specifically geared for kids and teens; to work-outs for the collegiate athlete or the more elite fire, law and military personnel; to the every day working mum and dad. Some are working towards competitions in Crossfit, olympic disciplines etc or work-related fitness, others are enthusiastic to maintain a level of personal health and fitness.

Not restricted to the gym, some sessions take place at the Beach, or local parks. A key emphasis is placed on having fun and team building, no peer pressure or over exertive goals. The mixture of people, goals and abilities makes the Crossfit NMB experience rewarding, supportive and enjoyable.

We asked Stephen a couple of questions about this passion


How did you discover Crossfit?

A friend showed me the main site when I was plateauing with my bicycling and it quickly became my new hobby, now a passion (to put it mildly!)


What was it about Crossfit as a skill/fitness style that makes it work for you?

The constant variety keeps me from getting bored easily.

Also the community that I am a part of now is like nothing I have ever seen before. It is nothing but inspiring to witness people change their lives day in and day out.


Did it take you long to become an instructor?

It took a year to be confident enough in my coaching abilities to pursue a level 1 Crossfit Certification.


When do you find time to train?

I make time every day. Everyone has the time. On certain days I may only have 15 minutes, but you can bet your ass that I'll be hitting a WOD in that "spare" 15 minutes.


Stephen has gone on to obtain several additional qualifications and creditations.

In 2009 Stephen withdrew from the business, a couple of niggling injuries and family commitements, as well as the draw of music meant he could no long dedicate enough time as the business grew.

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