-(58)- The Internet Band

The concept Nikki Sixx (of Motley Crue fame) had in mind when he formed -(58)- was of a non-touring, internet promoted entity that would feature on his new record label, Americoma Records. The name of the band stemmed from the year 1958, in which both Nikki Sixx and David Darling were born.

The sound, as exemplified on the band's one and only CD released in early 2000, was a self-described mixture of "glam, hip hop, rock, pop, funk and a car crash."

A review by Jeff Bud charged, "58 is a more an eclectic rock project that’s ready to take on the music scene in the year 2000. Lyrically, things border on the political, while the musical landscape is a mixed bag. Progressive, dance, industrial, funk, and the blues, all rear their heads out of a pot filled with rock."


Although it isn't exactly clear what each member of -(58)- actually did on the recording it can be assumed that Nikki Sixx covers the bass line and that Stephen played guitar and possibly contributed some vocals. There is a credit to Stephen for co-writing the song "Who We Are", the last track on the CD.

In an interview in late 2003 Stephen stated that Allen Kovac, who managed the Bee Gees, had given his phone number to Nikki Sixx and when Nikki was looking to put the band together he phoned Stephen out of the blue. Stephen , not believing that this person really was who he declared himself to be, hung up on him more than once. Finally Stephen realised this was the genuine article and he agreed to sign on.

The band didn't last long enough to offer up another CD. Apparently the time has yet to come when a band's only effort to promote themselves can be via the internet.

The disolution of 58 was timely for Stephen as opportunity knocked, and in Spring of 2000 he was taken on as bass player for one of metal's top ranking outfits, Black Label Society.


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