During a Hatebreed/Crowbar tour in March 2005 of the United Kingdom, Jamie Jasta [Hatebreed front man] returned to a life long dream of sharing the stage with his all time metal musician hero Kirk Windstein.

Once back in the United States Kirk and Jamie got together at Silver Bullet Studios in Connecticut for a jam, writing and demo recording session, putting meat on the bones of their tour bus talks.

As Stephen told stcgibb.com during the 2006 interview. "I’ve been friends with Sean Martin from Hatebreed for over ten years, not real close but good buddies and when we did the tour me, Kirk and Jamie Jasta really hit it off."

"It started out as Crowbreed and I wasn't sure it was going to do anything at all. Then Kirk started making these trips up to Boston to do some writing with Jamie and then the second time he went up there he's like 'Hey, if you're not doing anything come on up.' So I came up, we hung out, and I listened to what they were doing so far. I contributed a couple of guitar parts here and there and might contribute a few more."



Jamie's and Kirk's commitments with their primary bands [Hatebreed and Down/Crowbar respectively] put time constraints on when the duo could pull together a full line-up and record the album. Bringing in the power of Zeuss as producer, the guys hunkered down for a two week mammoth deconstructing, reconstructing and recording at Planet Z in Hadley Massachusetts around the end of 2007.

Once the record and distribution deal with Relapse Records was signed they began working on the promotion of this new sound.

The debut cd was released in February 2008 and charted in its first week at 131 on the Billboard Chart, at number 2 on the New Artist Chart and at 20 on the Hard Chart, an awesome beginning for this new group and a testament to the versatile talents of all the band members. Jamie on vocals, Kirk on guitar and vocals, Stephen on guitar, Matt Brunson on bass and Derick Kerswell on drums.

As well as appearing at the Rock Mayhem Festival and the world renowned Ozzfest Kingdom of Sorrow have filmed videos for two singles from the album 'Lead Into Demise' released in April 2008 and 'Lead the Ghosts Astray' in October 2008, both can be viewed via their MySpace page or on Relapse Records YouTube channel.

The close of 2008 saw the band take a bold brave launch into the world when they embarked in a 12-week North American and Canadian tour playing at over 70 venues, some small some vast, mostly sold out packed houses of curious fans hungry for their first taste of Kingdom of Sorrow live.

Photos of various gigs contributed by our readers as well as gig photographers are in the Kingdom of Sorrow album of our extensive Photos pages.

Jamie and Kirk come together from time to time when their busy schedules allow to perform some outstanding metal.

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