October 23, 1988

By Kuae Noel Kelch
Herald Staff Writer

There's a new rock band in town and it's ready to roll.

Students at the Lear School have formed their own rock band, complete with their own instruments and Barry Gibb's son on guitar.

The ten students, who practice three days a week after school, will be playing during monthly lunchtime concerts and special events at the school, 11211 Biscayne Blvd. Their first concert was October 14th.

"It's a good feeling," said Andres Cherner, 17, a senior. "You get up in front of people and you play and they all have fun."

Group members will write songs, record original material, play current popular music and tunes written by their advisor, Isaac Ersoff. "I make suggestions, they ignore them," joked Ersoff, "It's their band. I'm just there to help them out."

Ersoff, a mathematics teacher who has a background in music, decided to begin the band after a group of teachers and students gave an impromptu rock concert two years ago. "It put so much life into the school that we decided to do it this year." said Ersoff.

Ersoff said a rock group seemed to fit in with the school setting. "It's a school of kids. They can learn as much about rock music as they can about any other kind of music," said Ersoff, "This may help them to develop a more broad understanding of music."

Most of the band members are aspiring professional musicians and several have started their own band outside school, called "Stroy".

"I've always wanted to sing in a band since I was young," said Matthew Ackerman, 16, a senior. "It's a positive way to express yourself."

Steve Gibb, 15, who has grown up watching his father's group, the Bee Gees, started playing classical piano at age 3. "I remember when they were on tour about ten years ago. I remember every little bit of it, all the fun they had," said Steve, "I never wanted to do anything else. I've been around it all my life and I don't know any better feeling. It's the best!"

About a year and a half ago, Steve said he started playing the guitar. "The piano got too boring. The guitar looks cooler." he said.

The rock band hopes it will make it big soon. "My family is excited and they are already making plans for my world tour," joked Matthew.

Ersoff said the students not only get a chance to learn more about music, but they learn how to have fun working together. "They have a blast," said Ersoff, "This is the only time in the five years I have been here that I have seen a group of kids voluntarily want to stay here until 5 or 6 p.m. three days a week."

By January the group wants to schedule concerts at other schools and universities. But for now, members say they need more practice.

"Right now, we're doing a little under decent," said Mike Wolofsky, 16, a junior. "We're just starting out."

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