The Mythology Tour Heads Down Under

In October 2012 the dates for the first phase of the Mythology Tour with Barry Gibb were announced.

Within days of the tickets going on sale the demand for them exceeded expectation and extra dates were added, along with a date in New Zealand. The wait for them to arrive seemed interminable. By the closing of the last gig it was (conservaticely) estimated that more than 80,000+ enthuiastic people had attended.

The cofirmed dates were

  • February 8th, Sydney, Australia
  • February 12th, Melbourne, Australia
  • February 16th, Brisbane, Australia
  • February 19th, Brisbane, Australia
  • February 23rd, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand
  • February 27th, Sydney, Australia
  • Anticipation grew about the potential set list, with the teasing taster of the Hard Rock gig held in Miami February 2012 fan boards were packed with thoughts and wishes as to which songs Barry would perform and which songs would feature Stephen and Samantha.

    First there were the television interviews and media conference

    Additional press conference footage can be found on YouTube

    The lighting and videos screen were erected, the instruments plugged in, miles of cables were laid, computers were booted, everything was set ready, the technical run throughs had ironed out any last minute glitches and the sound check had been done. All that was needed was an audience.

    You can only imagine the nervous anticipation back stage as the auditorium began to fill and the echoing silence of the vast venue changes to the low mumbled hum of thousands of voices preparing to be entertained by someone they had listened to and loved for decades, had waited years to be able to see in concert. To Steve, that humble idol, that grounded icon was 'Dad'. A man who, up until now, had always been flanked and support by his brothers, but tragedy had seen Barry at their gravesides. Now is a new chapter, one that looks towards the future and recalls the memory of the past.

    The physical power of the audiences reaction as the first chords were struck and Barry comes to the stage would knock some from their feet, but stage right, stood Stephen, guitar in hand, ready to deliver a stellar performance of some of the worlds most well known tracks. Each one bringing to him a treasured childhood memory of watching his Uncles and Dad write and create together.

    Stephen took the Robin vocals on that instantly known track "I've Just Gotta Get A Message To You", his unique stylings adding such valid real emotion, one reviewer commenting that Stephen sang the lyrics with such conviction, he wondered whether it came fom some variety of experience.

    Stephen's throaty smokey rasp added a warm dimension to the backing vocals and when it came time for his solo, a cover of Maurice's Gibb's track "On Time" with rocking guitar riffs, he had tamed the rawness to a flawless rendition making the blue-grass inspired tune his own. The audiences were keen for more.

    For the family this trip was not just a fly in fly out visit, during their stay in Redcliffe Barry unveilled a unique statue to him and his brothers, as well as a walk way spot lighting moments throughout their careers. A tribute not seen anywhere else in the world for any other artist. Also when they arrived in New Zealand they were welcomed with a traditional cultural powhiri greeting and presented with a taonga of a carved mere and bone and greenstone pendants.

    Photos of the gigs and events can be found in the 'Mythology Tour' album in the 'Photos' section contributed by member of the Press, Tv, Bloggers, Reviewers and some audience members. We thank them for their permissions to share them with you.




    Joanna Leitch of New Zealand wrote and told us of how much she enjoyed the Napier Valley show.

    The first time I saw Stephen Gibb was when I went to the Bee Gees One Night Only concert in 1999 in Auckland, New Zealand, which also turned out to be the first and last time the Bee Gees would ever sing together in New Zealand. Stephen Gibb was a guitarist in the band for that concert and, although he was a great guitarist even back then, he was very much in the background - just a part of the band playing for his dad and uncles.

    Fast forward about fourteen years to 2013 in Napier, New Zealand at the Barry Gibb Mythology Tour Mission Estate Concert on February 23rd and Stephen was accompanying his dad and his cousin Samantha who also sang with a beautiful voice. Stephen was now playing LEAD guitar, had muscled up a lot, grown an awesome looking beard, and seemed as much in awe of his dad and uncles as the most devout Andy Gibb/Bee Gees fan and yet very much walking his own musical path and direction.

    Stephen Gibb has a rocky, husky sound in comparison to his dad and uncles well recognized falsetto sound - and it was awesome to hear. From I've Gotta Get A Message To You which he sang with his dad, to a solo cover of Maurice Gibbs song On Time which, thanks to problems with his guitar (which I must say he dealt with like a true professional carrying on with the song), he sang TWICE - a real treat! Stephen ROCKED this concert! The crowd around me were on their feet screaming for more. He pretty much NEARLY upstaged his dad! I have my fingers crossed there may be a DVD coming out that I can put alongside my One Night Only DVD and hopefully Stephen, Barry, Samantha and the rest of the crew will be back here in Napier, New Zealand again sometime soon.

    I hope you enjoyed your visit to New Zealand Stephen - we LOVED having you all here. Thanks so much for an awesome evening I will remember forever. The legacy continues!

    Here are a few of the comments sent to us about these emotional performances.

    Musician and Songwriter Allan Caswell wrote :: I caught Stephen Gibb working with his father Barry Gibb a couple of nights ago at The Sydney Entertainment Centre and I was blown away, not only by his incredible gutsy voice but also by the wonderfully expressive way he used it. When we got back to the hotel we got on the net to buy our first Stephen Gibb album ... and found there wasn't one. This needs to be rectified ... if songs are a problem, I would be honoured to have him sing any of mine.

    Trish Willians wrote :: I just want to say how impressed I was when I saw Stephen Gibb in Melbourne at Barry Gibb's Mythology Tour. He is absolutely so gorgeous and has an amazing voice. I would like to know more about him.

    Photographer Anna Bartle told us :: Having shot many artists, I have to say, I was quite overwhelmed and felt I was in the presence of a true legend. There was just something very special there. Barry was gorgeous, so humble and so endearing and what a show. I could've bawled my eyes out! I would love to go again. I think I've managed to capture some of his beautiful soul in them. I was also very impressed by Stephen's singing and Sam's as well.

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