The Mythology Tours rolls into

the United Kingdon and Ireland


Following the astounding success of the Australian and New Zealand shows there was much speculation when and where the next phase of the Mythology Tour would head to. Before long the venues and dates were announced.

  • September 21st - Birmingham LG Arena, Birmingham, England
  • September 25th - Dublin O2 Arena, Dublin, Ireland
  • September 29th - Manchester Arena, Manchester, England
  • October 3rd - London O2 Arena, London, England
  • The frequently updated The Barry Gibb Mythology Tour FaceBook page teased us with pictures of rehearsals and mention of a few changes to that of the previous shows. Also introducing the many faces that make up the band and crew.

    At the end of June as part of the media promotion Stephen appeared on the BBC's The One Show alongside his father, where they chatted about the up-coming dates, musical connections and more, giving viewers a glimpse into the special relationship between these two musicians.

    This informal magazine style thirty-minute programme can be found on YouTube at The One Show


    Daniel Doyles 2013

    Arriving in Birmingham for the final rehearsals, the ITN news service was invited to the sound check to speak to Barry, Samantha and Stephen.


    The excitement and anticipation became electric as the show dates grew nearer, with all venues seeing crowds eagerly waiting long before the time the doors were due to open. Teenagers accompanying their beaming parents were heard to say afterwards that the show was better than Beibers! The reviews, photos and videos of the Australian and New Zealand events only adding to the anticipation of a night never to be forgotten.

    The Gibb Family never disappoint.

    Stephen was once again lending his unique vocals to the gregorian chants for "Every Christian Lionhearted Man Should Know", duetting with his father on "I've Just Gotta Get A Message To You" and solo'd the well received Maurice Gibb track "On Time". In a change to previous shows, Stephen's second solo was the little known track "Fight The Good Fight".

    On our FaceBook Page Krissy asked ....

    "I believe the original recording of "Fight The Good Fight" was done for the 1988 Olympics (which I remember) and The Bunberry Tales. If so, I'm curious, what made you pick this song to perform? (Eric is my desert island musician, couldn't imagine life without his music in it)."

    Stephen replied ...

    "Actually, it was my dads suggestion. He felt I would do it justice and Eric is one of my heros so I jumped at the opportunity. Hopefully people enjoy it. I know it's a tad of an obscure track but we dig it! Also, I was there during the writing and recording of it and watching/hearing EC cut the guitar and vocal was truly an awesome moment in my little life at that time. Eric rules!"




    Journalist and Broadcaster Ian St Peters' review of the show at Birmingham referenced the emotion of the night, tears and sadness surrounded with joy and celebration, recognizing the lesser known tracks from the back catalogue as well as the stalwarts of pop history.

    He remarked "The standing ovation made it clear that the thousands packed into the LG Arena were not ready to go home so back came Gibb and his band to thunderous applause which once again took him by surprise and brought a tear to his eye. The Brummies appreciate great music and a good time and are more than happy to show their appreciation to those who put on a great performance." Like all those who attended, he hoped they would return before too long.

    Following the O2 Arena show in Dublin Frances Winston wrote "Joining him on this tour is the next generation of Gibbs in the form of his eldest son Stephen and Maurice's daughter Samantha and they joined him on several numbers ensuring this was a real family affair. At times it was as if you were getting an insight into their personal lives; like when they wished Samantha's mother, Yvonne, a happy birthday or Barry gave a touching tribute to his wife Linda, telling their story, dedicating a song to her and culminating in "I Love You Linda" appearing on screens.

    Stuart Moser, life-long fan of the talented Gibb family said on his debut blog after seeing the Manchester performance "This was definitely a family affair with Barry's eldest son Stephen on vocals and guitar, and the ever gorgeous Sammi, Maurice's daughter. They sang alongside their Father and Uncle and the unique sound was just magic. Stephen with his aggressive power voice most suited to rock music actually blended in beautifully with "I've Got To Get A Message To You" and "On Time" and the psychedelic number "Every Christian Lion-Hearted Man Will Show You". His guitar skills are impressive too and made for good listening with impressive solos."

    After the London O2 show Thelma Harris of remarked "The sense of family resonates throughout, not only because of the continuous references to his brothers but also due to the participation of his own son Stephen on guitar and Maurice's daughter Samantha, who first joined him on stage for How can you Mend A Broken Heart. The singer's voice works beautifully with Barry's, considering her soulful timbre and his distinctive airy, light vocals. His son Stephen is a great addition too, and not only wows the crowd throughout with his dark vocals but also with his savage guitar playing."




    The Mythology Album in the photos section has some fantastic and atmospheric images of Stephen's performance. There are also several videos on Youtube.

    And finally a word from Stephen ...

    "Thank you London ! You guys were incredible! I wanna thank every single person that came to see the Barry Gibb Mythology tour in the rest of the UK and Ireland. I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to share the stage with my dad, cousin, and the best damn band in the business! Love to all! XO"


    It is whispered that during 2014 the Mythology Tour might be rolling around the Americas. - All Rights Reserved