What started as a group of professionals coming together to shoot a music video quickly morphed in to a reunion of gifted friends at the deco styled Marlin Hotel, Miami Beach, Florida, home of South Beach Studios and the legendary mixer Tom Lord Alge.

The inception of LISbON had begun many miles and a few years from the sunny shores of Miami. LISbON's sound is said to be inspired by an interest in dark, passionate and intense music and visual art, crediting such films as Scarface and Pink Floyd's The Wall, as well as heavy metal and early punk music, and also growing up in Miami during the 'cocaine cowboy' era (a subject covered by the 2006 documentary of the same name).

Brett Thorngren (former drummer with Muse) was living in Cortland, New York during the late 90's/early 00's where he penned the majority of the tracks.

Across a three week period Brett recorded, mixed and produced the various instrumental aspects (drums, bass guitar, guitar) bringing in his Miami school friend Gil Bitton (vocalist with Endo) to add his eccentric vocal stylings. Both were under contract to other music projects at the time, meaning LISbON was temporarily shelved.

Fast forward a couple of years and when it came time to shoot a video for the track Ison.03 Brett commented "It felt a little ridiculous trying to fill all the instrument parts so I called Stephen to play bass guitar. It was literally either the day of or the day before shooting that I called him".

Soon after this Stephen and his High School friend, Brett, began writing together and recorded a number of demos at Middle Ear Studios, Miami Beach, which were not released.

Brett recalled "It was after we shot the video that Stephen and I went on to cowrite a few songs together. The songs were never actually released, they might be out there on SoundCloud but they were never actually a physical release. We've known each other for so many years it's almost impossible to count how many ideas we have tracked out."

Brett was also assistant engineer during the early phase of the Barbra Steisand & Barry Gibb collaboration album Guilty Pleasure, which featured tracks co-written with Stephen and released in 2005.

In late 2019 Brett remastered the fourteen tracks and released them for purchase and to online streaming sites.


More tracks by LiSbON and Brett can be heard on the SoundCloud

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