After returning from their European Tour in March 2005, Crowbar set to work putting together a tour package to canvas the states for the second time this year. A tentative tour schedule was announced on the Official Crowbar website and then quickly withdrawn in favour of joining ranks with Pepper Keenan and Corrosion of Conformity.

Before beginning their tour with COC, Crowbar headlined five gigs beginning May 27th in Lansing, Illinois. Unfortunately at the time of this page's web publication we have no reviews for those performances. Their first date supporting COC was June 2nd at The Vogue in Indianapolis, Indiana.

As with any tour, there's the good, the bad, the frustrating and the unfortunate. Sadly this tour had it's share of tragedy with the incident in Tampa, Florida in which one man lost his life.

What follows on this page are a few reviews, comments, stories and pictures from those were lucky enough to get to a show this summer. Even if you didn't get to see Crowbar perform this time out, hopefully you can get a taste of the action through what others have said here.  

The Vogue, Indianapolis IN, June 2nd:

"CROWBAR. Holy shit! I think they were the loudest of the night. They CRUSHED The Vogue. Everyone was walking around after their set with these glassy eyes going, 'Wow'. Yes, they were amazing.

They played a lot of material from the new album and I had never heard it so I was blown the fuck away. This show keeps gettin' better! The crowd was in a frenzy during this set of brutality, and the band fed off that intensity and gave it back ten-fold. Great set from a legendary great band!"

Ron, "Seeds of Evil" from the Crowbar board

"Drove three hours to the opening show in Indy. Crowbar played way long and kicked ass. I got to meet COC and Crowbar. I talked at length to Crowbar's bass player - very personable, and for ladies like myself, yes he's hot!"

Kitch3 from the COC messageboard

"I loved the vibe of the whole night... loved the crowd, loved Crowbar."

Janford, from the COC messageboard

Harpo's, Detroit MI, June 3rd: 

Apparently at Harpo's in Detroit five local bands bled into the timeframe of the support act sets. The following was said about that by various members on the COC messageboard.

"Crowbar only played five songs because of all the goddamned local acts!!!! Best show I've seen in a while but I still wish Crowbar would've gotten at least fifteen more minutes."

Buck Jones

"Yeah, Harpos fucked Crowbar in the ass. I think even Pepper was pissed about it, he kinda seemed pissed. He kept mentioning the nine bands."


"I was lucky enough to speak to Pepper and Woody afterwards and they were all pissed about it. They even played later so that the supports weren't fucked over quite so badly. Some of those local bands got to play for longer than the support bands, ffs! I appreciate that those bands are up there and doing it and trying really hard but it's not cool to have so many on someone else's show."



Newport Music Hall, Columbus OH, June 4th:

Crowbar fuckin' rocked!

Steve "S.O.B." Gibb (former BLS bassist 2000-2001) is the second guitarist in Crowbar. They were fuckin' cool as hell although I was disappointed that they didn't play "Slave No More" from the new album. Kirk and S.O.B. were hanging out in the crowd after the show and I talked to Steve for a few minutes."

Deege, moderator on the SDMFworldwide website

Madison Theatre, Covington KY, June 5th:

The Covington/Cincinnati show blew the fucking place down. Kirk came out and watched other bands... He came out alot and signed stuff. It was fucking awesome. I got a pick with the saints symbol that says crowbar. Kirk even recorded me a personal message on my phone and that was the shit until I accidentally recorded over it. I was so fucking pissed! It was a great show and COC was awesome too."

Autumnswidow, from the Crowbar messageboard

"Crowbar came on and that's when the crowd was at it's peak. Crowbar were fucking awesome live, even though the sound was a little bit off. I know they played New Dawn, Lasting Dose, Dead Sun and I am Forever, All I had I gave and a few more."

Trendkill667, member of both the Crowbar and COC messageboards

"Crowbar was awesome. Kirk was right for fucking with the crowd..."This crowd belongs on the cover of Honcho Magazine." The crowd was extremely lame. There weren't a lot of people there. I was really disappointed. Great show... great music... lame ass fucking crowd."

Tragiclaughriot, from the COC messageboard

The Buffalo Icon, Buffalo NY, June 8th:

This was the first time I have had the opportunity to see these guys (Crowbar) live and I was really looking forward to it. Unfortunately, the house PA was incapable of really letting these guys shine. Of all the bands, these guys had the worst sound and I don't think it was their fault. Shame."

Witchfinder, from the COC messageboard

The Recher Theatre, Towson MD, June 9th:

"Crowbar were the third band on that night and the crowd absolutely loved them as I expected they would. I was able to look around me and see that everyone was very into the show and singing along. They knew all the material new and old.

I saw a lot of people wearing Crowbar and also B.L.S shirts. I was pretty sure that those in the B.L.S. shirts wore them in support of Steve's having been in that band. I talked to quite a few people before the show and a lot of them were there specifically to hear Crowbar.

I'm happy to say that there wasn't any trouble during the show that I know of. The one odd thing that did happen was during the first band's set. One of their amps caught fire in the middle of a song and it got pretty smokey in there. Eventually one of the bouncers gave the lead singer a fire extinguisher and he put out the fire.

A woman standing near me had a young child with her. Before the show the mother, Alexis, and I had the chance to talk and I found out that the little girl, named Milla, was only 19 months old. When Crowbar came on Milla was giving her best metal yell and seemed very taken with Kirk and Steve. Fans come in all shapes, sizes and ages apparently. (pictured to the right are John, Alexis and Milla)

I did get the chance to spend a few minutes after the gig with Steve. I made sure to give him copies of the photos I took in February and photo Cd-rs of that show as well. He autographed a photo for me before having to leave and asked me to take a picture of my tattoo of his autograph."

Sally Walker, a U.S correspondent for

Disclaimer: should not be seen as encouraging the presence of young children at performances given for over 18's (adults). This is a matter to be decided by the parents/guardians and the venue staff.

Irving Plaza, New York City NY, June 10th:

Crowbar was slamming as per usual!!! Hope they come around again real soon!!"

Madmacs44, from the COC messageboard

Trocadaro, Philadelphia PA, June 11th:

"Crowbar, what more can you say... They are N'orleans sludge at it's best. Kirk, as always effortlessly plays the songs and likes to get reaction from the crowd. Going as far as sharing a story about getting hit in the body at sound check by the sound and having to go take a shit from it."

WoodyVa, from the COC board 

Freebird Cafe, Jacksonville FL, June 19th:

"Holy shit this was one of the best concerts I've ever seen...Suplecs and ATP were great, but nothing like Crowbar and COC. All I Had I Gave and In the Arms of God were dedicated to no other than Dime... Kirk came out with COC and sang the chorus to Albatross and then got up front row and was jamming out just like any other fan would... These guys fuckin' rule!"

DownBoy03 from the COC Messageboard

The Social, Orlando FL, June 20th:

All the bands were great. Crowbar was particularly excellent, as I had expected. People were going nuts. In the beginning, the opening bands were having occasional sound issues (drowned out vocals especially) but thankfully Crowbar had no apparent problems. In fact I thought at any moment the plaster would start falling from the ceiling. Later I chatted with Kirk and he stood by me during part of the COC show, which was quite nice. He liked my fleur-de-lis tattoo."

Kathy Arrocha, from the Crowbar and Down messageboards

Culture Club, Ft. Lauderdale FL, June 22nd:
We received no reviews on this show, but a picture is worth a thousand words, right?
Masquerade, Tampa FL, June 23rd:

Four people were stabbed during The COC set at The Masquerade in Tampa, Florida June 23, 2005.

Thomas Laskas, 29, died of his injuries in the early morning hours of the 24th at Tampa General Hospital.

Our heartfelt condolences go out to the friends and family of Mr. Laskas.

Twiropa, New Orleans LA, June 25th:

"It was a really bad ass show. If it makes anyone feel more safe, I was felt up for weapons and whatnot by a black man upon entering. Last time I went to this club I wasn't searched at all. Once again, great show."

Dictator Sully, of the Skeletal Circus messageboard

"There were 4 bands that played, plus about 400 people in attendance in a place with no a/c installed!! But all the bands played their asses off!

There used to be a place here called The Warehouse, which also had no a/c. I think this club is tryin to recapture that feelin because Black Sabbath and the Allman Bros. played there. Twiropa is fairly new. I think it opened within the last two years. Its a killer joint, but the lack of a/c makes me not to want to ever go again."

Dark Intentions, Moderator of the Crowbar messageboard

Exit/In, Nashville TN, June 28th:

"Crowbar, you are one of the BEST to walk the earth!"

November Spawn of the COC messageboard

"I'd like to give mad props to anyone that went to the Nashville show. I have never experienced a pit like that, where everybody was so cool. It was like a big ass crazy Indian War Dance for two hours. I have never had that much fun at a concert before. That was positive energy at it's finest and that to me is what going to a Heavy Metal show is supposed to be all about. I saw several guys going out of their way to be respectful to those along the edges of the pit. Nobody was in the pit that didn't want to be, and on the rare occasion someone went down everybody jumped in to get them up. I wish they could all be like that. There were so many cool people at that show."

Lokust of the COC messageboard

"I heard Hank III was there... anyone see him?"

Big Kev, of the COC messageboard

"He prolly was. Sheldon (Hank Williams III) is a funny bitch...we were standing sidestage together in SF last year at Ozzfest and I watched Sabbath with him later that night... I've had a couple of occasions to hang out with him and like him very much."

Redd, of the COC messageboard

"I stayed up front, because I wanted to be there for COC's set. Once again (when Crowbar came on) I could barely hear the vocals. I'm not a Crowbar fan, but they played a pretty decent set. Seemed like a lot of folks showed up specifically for Crowbar, I was actually a bit surprised by this.

Ferret from the Hellride Music Board

Trees, Dallas TX, July 1st:

Crowbar fucking crushed. I could have had it about 10 times louder... but it was still a fucking honor to watch Kirk do what he does best... I really hope Crowbar come back through as a headline. I would really like to see a 2 hour show from them."

Crey, from the Down messageboard

"I can't begin to put it into words. You can imagine what it was like, how cool it was, but it was better than that. Fucking hung with the Windstein a bit, bought him a beer, gave him some band shit, jammed the fuck out to some of my favorite bands live with some bros. I think my voice is probably going to be fucked at tomorrow's show... Crowbar's set was very well mixed from Existance Is Punishment to the new album. My personal faves were All I Had I Gave and I Am Forever."

Animal Mother, from the Bayou Underground messageboard

"Crowbar never has let up... Kirk Windstein and company have been bringing the sludge-core for over a decade and the riffs only get better. To see them live is a treat.. don't miss out!"

Senor Limpia of the COC messageboard

"Hell yeah! Just got back from Dallas. The show fucking-a rocked! I'm pretty sure Crowbar caused some permanent ear trauma, but it was well worth it."

Slop666 of the COC messageboard

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